CHC accreditation

Homeopathy’s Golden Standard for Practice: CCH

Homeopathy and the CCH standard

Today I want to share with my clients and colleagues a new milestone in my professional path as a homeopath. After almost 13 years since the beginning of my journey, hundreds of hours of studying, tireless volunteering, planning and establishing a practice I have finally took on the challenge to attest my commitment to homeopathy before the world. I am pleased to share the exciting news of my success at the initial stage of becoming a registered board-certified Homeopath with the Council of Homeopathic Certification – the highest degree of professional recognition and standard of practice.

Why is the CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) designation important?

Every field of work has certain code of standards and requirements, that are in place for the purpose of establishing, regulating and maintaining the proficiency of those who exercise it at a professional level. It ensures that there is consistency and uniformity of expertise amongst its members and promotes those benefits for the betterment of the relationship between professionals and clients.

The CCH membership provides access to a wide network and a national directory of qualified homeopaths and a great referral service for clients who want to consult with board-certified practitioners. It also gives the homeopaths the advantage of working alongside with insurance companies that require CCH credentials for insurance claim approvals.

The CCH designation strengthens the public view of the homeopathic profession through acknowledgement of a unified national standard.

For more information visit here:  Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC)

Did you know that more and more health insurance providers now offer extended health care plans that cover homeopathy?

While the national health care plan does not cover Homeopathy there are many private extended health plans that would pay for your consultation and/or homeopathic medicines.
All you have to do is obtain a receipt for services rendered by a professional homeopath and submit the claim along with the appropriate claim form.

That being said, even if the cost of your treatment is not covered you should consider the fact  that the benefits of Homeopathy as highly successful holistic modality are totally worth the minimal investment into your health and well-being. It will save you from experiencing the dreadful side effects of conventional drugs, the toll of expensive invasive allopathic treatments and the disappointments to regain health in a natural, safe, gentle and permanent way.  At the end the long-term benefits of eliminating your problems and the ultimate goal of securing optimal health have no price tag.

Although I have a set consult fee schedule, my practice is built upon the basis of true care and compassion, thus the “no patient left behind” policy applies to clients with low income and financial difficulties. If you want to commence homeopathic treatment, but your financial circumstances make it difficult, please contact me to discuss available treatment options.

Courtesy of: Zara Bourgeois, CCH (cand.), DIHom(pract.)