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What is a homeopathic consultation? What to expect and how to get prepared to assist your attending homeopath so you can benefit from their service?

The homeopathic consultation is an essential part of of your treatment and a pre-requisite for a successful treatment plan. Unlike a visit to your family doctor, a trip to the homeopathic clinic would require a commitment of at least 2 hours – for the initial case taking, and approximately 30-60 minutes for a follow up appointment. This is time specifically dedicated to you and your homeopath will spend this time on collecting crucial information about yourself and your individual ailments in order to proceed with thorough investigation and analysis of your case. This is critical part of the homeopathic care and precursor to successful prescribing and long-term treatment plan.

Most homeopaths collect some preliminary information by providing the client with a form containing a number of questions. This form varies from one practitioner to another, but generally it is designed to help and guide the client in the process of delivering important information about themselves and their health concerns they are seeking to address with homeopathy. You will be asked to describe in your own words the nature of your complaints and give as much detailed information as you can. The questions are usually very specific and seek to explore the nuances of your problem, which is extremely useful to your homeopath in understanding the peculiarity of your situation and construct a strictly individualized treatment plan suitable for you.

What your homeopath is interested in knowing about you is all  the general as well as the strange, rare and peculiar signs and symptoms that are your individual constitutional manifestations. Can you pinpoint the approximate time of the onset of your complaints? Can you associate this time with any significant events, major changes or traumatic experiences that might have served as a trigger? What affects you and how you react? Are there are other symptoms associated and accompanying your chief complaint? Is there time of day, that you find your symptoms to be more pronounced and aggravated? What makes it feel better? How do you react to weather changes? Can you tell me about your diet? What foods do you like and crave and are there any foods that disagree or you simply dislike? Are you physically active? How do you feel if and when you exercise. Are you emotional? Do you tend to express freely your emotions of you bottle them up?

Where there is a clear physical pathology diagnosed by a medical doctor it is very important that you provide as much information as you can to your homeopath. This includes, but is not limited to lab results from blood, urine, and stool samples as it is helpful in identifying candida, yeast overgrowth, the presence of various bacteria in the system, endocrine testing, etc.  Such findings are generally useful in determining  the most probable organic cause of the main complaints and enables the practitioner to construct effective organ or system specific treatment plan that would directly address the underlying cause and assist the weak organ/system restore it’s vitality.

The practitioner is keen to learn about how your condition is affected by external and environmental factors as well as your emotions, your everyday routines and lifestyle habits. This and your family history (e.g. history of illnesses in your immediate family) provides an overall picture of your miasmatic makeup and what I would call genetic blueprint.

The homeopath usually dedicates on average 4 to 6 hours (depending on the complexity of the case) for initial consultation, in-depth analysis, treatment plan and educating the client on what their individualized homeopathic care would entail.

And remember, communication is the key! Providing as much information as you can is vital to a successful prescribing. Holding back information might prevent your homeopath from being able to construct a good case and affect the efficacy of your treatment. Your information is held strictly confidential according the the Privacy Policy Act. Do not hesitate to discuss any concerns you might have with your consulting homeopath.

For more information on what to expect from your homeopath and the process of consulting with a homeopathic professional call or e-mail Zara for a FREE 15 minute informal consultation. She would be more that happy to provide you with her expertise on homeopathy and what it can do to help your specific complaints.

Although I have a set consult fee schedule, my practice is built upon the basis of true care and compassion, thus the “no patient left behind” policy applies to clients with low income and financial difficulties. If you want to commence homeopathic treatment, but your financial circumstances make it difficult, please contact me to discuss available treatment options.

Consultations with Zara Bourgeois are available via Skype and AnyMeeting video conferencing ( if you don’t have them installed, click on the links for download access). Consultations and follow up appointments are also available via telephone and e-mail.