Fees and Policies For Consultation

Initial consultation – $275

Initial case taking for new clients. Review of client case intake form, oral interview, review of biological/lab tests and other case-related documents, repertorization and detailed case analysis.
The initial consultation usually takes up to 2.5 hours and takes place in person, via Skype, AnyMeeting video conferencing or by telephone.

Monthly Follow-ups – $150 

The follow-up consults usually take 30 to 60 min. The cost of the follow-up care includes unlimited e-mails, continuous case management, questions, drafting and revising homeopathic protocols. Scheduled brief phone calls are included in the follow-up care fee. Acute care (e.g. colds, flu, non-life threatening traumas and injuries) for chronic clients is included in the monthly follow-up fee.

Focus Consults: up to 60 min – $200

Focus Consults are suitable for clients who are seeking homeopathic care for specific complaints. For example, someone with a clear medical record and diagnosis interested in pursuing natural treatment through Homeopathy/Organopathy as a complementary or stand alone healing modality. The consult is designed to focus on specific issues and constructing idividualized treatment plans to address the client’s specific complaints. Focus consults are conducted within less than 75 minutes.

Consulting clients with ASD ($350 Initial consult, $180 follow up)

Autism cases require additional time to allow for proper casetaking, research, analysis and homeopathic case management. The initial case taking consultation fee is $350 (including up to 3 hours initial case intake, repertorization, analysis,  review of biological lab tests and homeopathic protocols) with monthly follow ups (including case review and one hour consult with the client, plus unlimited e-mail communication).The fee for ASD case follow up is $180.

Acute consultation – $75

Acute consultations are available seven days a week for short-term non-life threatening illnesses such as: fever, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, cold, flu, sore throat, cough, earache, teething, etc.

It is highly recommended that clients have a remedy kit in the household as in acute cases time is of the essence.

General Policies Regarding Fees, Payment, Scheduling and Shipping:

Charges for chronic care follow-up consultations are made at the beginning of each month through PayPal, for that month. Charges apply if communication takes place during the month even if a formal follow-up consultation does not take place. Clients are free to discontinue treatment at any time without penalty.
Payments may also be made via cash, cheque (payable to: Zara Bourgeois), e-mail transfer (Canada only) or Paypal invoicing (credit card payment is available through PayPal). A $40 fee will be charged for any cheque returned to the office unpaid.

Shipping: Free shipping when a remedy fits in regular size envelope. Otherwise, shipping rate for Western Canada is $10 and $15 for Central, Eastern Canada and USA.

Insurance: Clients are encouraged to investigate their healthcare plan as it may allow coverage for natural therapies and homeopathic care/medicines.

Cancellations: If it is necessary to cancel and/or reschedule an appointment, notification must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Missed or late cancellation appointments will result in a 50% fee of the cost of your session.

Clients can email for reports, updates, questions, scheduling, and other non-urgent topic. Calls are generally answered each day; emails are answered as time allows which can be delayed during times of travel or high volume of email. If there is any concern that requires prompt response, or you have not gotten a reply from an email in the timeframe you require, please call the office.

Off-Site Consultation: I provide homeopathic care for clients residing in the USA and all Canadian provinces. Consultations are conducted over the phone and/or web audio-video conference using Skype or FaceTime.

Confidentiality: The information contained in all files, documents, email messages, and/or any documents accompanying the emails to and from the client are private and confidential. This communication is legally protected and intended for the personal and confidential use of the client and practitioner only.

Note: Homeopathic consultations are not a substitute for medical care. For emergencies and need of conventional medical care, consult your family physician or call 911.